Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 2...


So, I've been on the diet for one full day. My head hurts A LOT!!!! I think it's clear that my usual love of sugary snacks is going to cause a problem -- I've cut out artificial sugar all together, so my body is VERY confused!.

I went to a wedding on Saturday night (one of the reasons behind starting my diet on Sunday) and ate SIX COURSES!! They were all delicious. It was also a great way to kick off my diet, because I woke up on Sunday feeling full (still), and the thought of more food made me want to puke. But, there is NO BAD FOOD in my house AT ALL. Ergo, should I feel the urge to cheat on my diet, I would have to go out to the shops. That's a lot of effort for snack food. Here's hoping the concept works!

The plan is not to tell anyone that I'm dieting. I'm hoping when I next see my parents (at Christmas) they will be amazed at my weight loss, and be super impressed. So really there are only three people who know. Except for anyone else reading this blog!

I took photos yesterday, so when the weight starts falling, I'll post some anonymous photos!

Right, I'm off to experience some hunger!

Toodles xx

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  1. Want a tip to help with those headaches AND for when your body starts saying "FEED ME!" but you only just did? Water! It's a genius invention. Drink lots of it and not only will your head hurt less and your stomach feel fuller, you'll also pee a lot and cleanse the system!


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