Saturday, August 22, 2009

REALLY good morning!

Dearest Fatty Followers!!!

This morning was rather wonderful. I had 8 hours of really good uninterrupted sleep, after a stressful week, and what promises to be a stressful weekend, and woke up to the joy that is my neeeeew weight!

(drumrolllllll please!) 314 lbs original weight

- 2 lbs from the first week

- 6 lbs from the second week

- 5 lbs from the third week

= 301 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm 13 lbs doooooown!!

How excited am I? VEEEEERY excited! Looks like next weekend my first prize is going to kick in, and I'll get that scale I've been dreaming about!!!

I was supposed to be flying to San Francisco this weekend, but with the current grandma-in-law situation I had to cancel. I am going to try to make it towards the end of the week. I'm scared about the plane seat factor though -- I booked first class tickets for the way there so that I had extra room, but the way back I could only get coach and was in the middle seat of a row of three. That was causing me a lot of anxiety, and I hope when I get to rebook I can get an aisle or window seat so I can wedge my butt in and throw myself against the unoccupied side. I always wonder if the person coming over to sit next to me takes a look at me and thinks "ooooh craaaaap"... I'm more than a little paranoid about that. But I really wanted to go to San Francisco, and if I can reschedule my flight I'll deal with the paranoia.

Over all though, I'm pretty excited. I've realised how dedicated I am to this diet, and I'm not doing anything to ruin it yet! Wow! That's a bit of a first to be honest!!! Once I get below 300, I'm never going back over it! So bring on the challenge of this week... 290s here I come!

Love and smooches,

FS xxx

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