Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Uh oh

This weekend was not fabulous. One week in and I did a naughty already! We had the family reunion, and Aunt-in-law made her famous cherry cheesecake... uh ohhh... boy, was it deeeelish! But I picked myself up and started again...

2lbs down! (current weight 312)

Weee! Although, frankly, I'd rather have lost a LOT more. A week in the life of a crappy dieter feels like an eternity, and feeling HUNGRY is a foreign, and as yet UNPLEASANT experience. I suppose I'll get used to it -- I suppose I have to, and HOPEFULLY that feeling will disappear as I just get used to eating less. Will it? WILL IT?! It had better... or else...

So I had an interview last week and forgot my suit. On the way down to the interview I had to buy a new suit, which I haven't had to do for a while... I did not like the numbers on the size tag! I normally buy tops and jeans with a little stretch to them... suits don't stretch. I've been kidding myself and buying tops in a 16/18 size, and jeans in my special "3 blue circle" or "4 red triangle" size, and a little weight fluctuation is okay, because they stretch with you. I am now convinced that spandex is the work of the Weight Gain Demon... You know, that little devil guy sitting on your shoulder, convincing you to have that slice of cherry cheesecake... Grrrrrr... "Just eeeeat it, your pants will still fit"... Well. That little dude has led to me having a size 24 bottom in a suit skirt, and a 22 top in the jacket. I HATE YOU, YOU DEMON!!!!!!! How do I get rid of him?!?!?!!!!

So, here I sit, in my stretchy black and white top (black is slimming, right?), and my crazy numbered jeans, typing away and feeling the burn (aka HUNGER). I'll keep at it, stick with me!!!

FS xx

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  1. YYAYY!!!!!!! GO YOU!!!!!!!!! That's super awesome! That's heaps better than nothing and once you start losing it it'll inspire you on and make you realise that it's all TOTALLY worth it :) Just enjoy it! Hooray for vegies, i say!


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