Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blood work


Well, today I had my blood work done, and I'm not doing too badly for a big lady! My HDL is slightly low, but my normal cholesterol and glucose levels were optimal! Plus my blood pressure was awesome! 118/72! Wooo!

And, with it being only day three of the diet, I can officially say that I'm feeling pretty good! Yesterday was a HORRIBLE headache day -- getting rid of all that sugar is HARD!!!!! But then no one said it was going to be easy!!

I do need to step up the exercise though, that's not really happening yet, and we allll know that exercise PLUS diet is the key to weightloss!

See ya xx

P.S. On Sunday I weighed in at 314. Highest I've ever weighed... I have a plane seat to squeeze in to by the end of August, and I'm GOING TO GET BELOW 300 FOR IT!!!!!! (Or not, but I'm going to try that's for sure!!!)

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