Monday, July 27, 2009

Check in...

I'm no longer convinced that ridding my house of non-diet friendly food prior to diet commencement by EATING it was a good idea.

It sounded so sensible at the time. Save a trip to the grocery store, eat the naughty food already in the cupboards, munch on the emergency frozen pizza...

Throughout the course of the past year, I have accumulated rather a lot of naughties. And I am not prepared to throw them away, instead I devour them day by day, waiting for pay day, at which point I will go shopping and purchase only non-naughties. I PROMISE.

In advance of Diet Day (henceforth known as "D-Day") I have been figuring out an exercise plan. I have a lovely dog who would love nothing more than a little stint around the block. Also, I've managed to accumulate an (almost free) personal gym! A year and a half ago I bought an elliptical cross trainer machine, and since then I have acquired a treadmill, ski machine, resistance trainer, rowing machine, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd a stationary bike. I'm going to be H.O.T.!!! AND I have a normal, every day, run of the mill, pedal-powered bike.

Oh, and by the way, D-Day is SUNDAY. THIS SUNDAY. Sure, many people would have started dieting the day they said "that's it". Suuuure, I work a little differently to most people, but I'm fairly sure that that's what makes me interesting. Suuuuuuuuuuuuure...

With 6 days left until D-Day, I'm starting to wonder about the logic of my plan... I think I'm going to have extra to lose. I suppose I will be able to let you know that on Sunday. That's the only day of the week that I'm allowing myself to weigh in.

I'm also finalising the details of my "reward scheme". I know what I want for the rewards, I'm trying to officially figure out what weight I want to get to, and how many "mini goals" there are going to be. Of course I'll let you know once it's official.

Anyway, have an awesome day, and in the immortal words of my best friend "In the immortal words of Arnie"... I'll be back.

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