Monday, May 3, 2010

Overnight miracle?!

I woke up this morning feeling well rested, and what should I see as I stepped on the scales, but 311.8 lbs !!!!!!

That's 8.2 lbs down from my highest ever weight! WEEEEEEEEEE! Some crazy weight loss fairy clearly visited me last night.

Yesterday my parents went home, so in the morning we went out for brunch. I had "Eggs Benedict". It was deeeeeelicious. Normally I order a side of toast. Yesterday I didn't. I felt quite smug about it. Breakfast was at about 11am. Then I had a very small slice of frozen raspberry cheesecake at around 2pm. Finally, I had 2 pieces of ham and mushroom pizza. It was a relatively naughty day, but I knew it was naughty and tried to moderate HOW much of the naughties I ate...

This morning I have drunk a PINT of water already. I feel like some zen goddess. Now I need to be careful all day, and continue that feeling through the week...

I'm excited at the prospect of getting slim and healthy. I'm excited at the prospect of doing it with you!

Me xx

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