Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh expletives...

Well, clearly I have failed. It is now January 8th, 2010. I have not dieted since my last blog, back in September...

Nothing like a new year to give you a new opportunity to try again, right?!

So here I am! Standing tall at a whopping 307.6... Booooo! At least it's still several pounds from where I started!!! So, let's put it in big pretty letters and make me feel better about myself!!! Haha! It's the little things!!!!

6.4 lbs down!!!!!

I'm going to ignore the fact that this is actually weight gained since my last blog, because I should still be proud of the fact that I'm not as big as I was. And you know, for people our size, it's important to celebrate every step in the right direction. I need to remember that. I know that on this weight loss journey there will be weeks when I work hard yet lose nothing. There will be weeks when I feel that I haven't done as much as I could and yet I'll still lose. There will be weeks when I don't want to diet any more. At those times I need to come back to this blog and celebrate.

Why do I keep kidding myself? Why do I keep thinking it's going to be an easy ride? IT'S NOT! But I'm going to do it! Keep following me, friends! We can do this!

Me xx

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