Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh sweet, sweet swear words.

I feel very restrained right now. I haven't uttered a swear word for at least 30 seconds! Brilliant! I'm on a roll.

I'm thinking swear words though, and lots of them...

My parents are here, visiting from the motherland. I've been having a fantastic time. We've been hiking, home-improvementing, exploring, etc. We've been having home-cooked food, and the odd treat. It's been lovely!

Until this morning.

When I weighed myself.

!#$&*(^*&#* %^((($&%^(^&* *&&*&#^^#@^ ^!((@ !*&^&^*%()^&^&^&%*%$$$

Really? Whose frickin' joke was THAT number on the scale? What is this? Candid Camera? Where are you, you giant kidding beasts of hilarity that call yourselves cameramen?



So this is really it?

I actually weigh 320 lbs?

Well flip. Or some other much stronger swear word.

I'm thinking weight watchers. I'm thinking structure. I'm thinking I know I gained weight on WW before, but maybe it's "3rd time's the charm"...

I'm fat.

Love, me xx

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